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Timeout in asynchronous socket  
by Olafur Helgi [olhr at ru dot is]
posted on 2004/01/28


I'm building aĆ° client-server application which uses your library. Both ends of the system are based on the asynchronous socket examples in the .NET documentation which can be found here: but I replaced the Socket with your SecureSocket.
This works out just fine but I wanted to add some timeout functionality in the application so that clients that connect but don't send any data will be shut down after a certain time, also when send and receive time out.
Is this sort of timeout implemented in your library or will it be implemented in future releases ?


by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2004/03/06

The cleanest method to implement this would be by using the Poll method, but unfortunately this method is not supported when the socket is in SSL/TLS mode.
Another option is to use the Available property of the SecureSocket. If after a specified interval no bytes have been received, you could simply close the socket.


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