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Race condition with ChangeSecurityProtocol  
by Martin Plante [plantem at xceedsoft dot com]
posted on 2004/02/05

There is a race condition in ChangeSecurityProtocol that can cause a NullReferenceException in (e.g.) BeginReceive.

Let's say a BeginReceive's callback gets called, and in that callback we set a manual event another thread is waiting upon to do a ChangeSecurityOptions. If in that callback we continue by calling BeginReceive again, threads can end-up there:

Thread A (in SecureSocket.ChangeSecurityOptions, line 109)
106: m_Options = (SecurityOptions)options.Clone();
107: if (options.Protocol != SecureProtocol.None) {
108: if (this.Connected)
109> m_Controller = new SocketController(this, base.InternalSocket, options);

Thread B (in SecureSocket.BeginReceive, line 472)
472> return m_Controller.BeginReceive(buffer, offset, size, callback, state);

I believe access to m_Controler should be protected (locked). The cost is minor compared with encryption.

by Martin Plante [plantem at xceedsoft dot com]
posted on 2004/02/05

More on this. Locking wouldn't be enough. As it turns out, there's a catch with async operations and ChangeSecurityOptions.

My application does an early BeginReceive, accumulates replies in a queue, and keeps calling BeginReceive.

Another part of my application can call ChangeSecurityOptions upon a particular condition.

The SecureSocket works directly with the Socket when the SecureProtocol is None, and with a SocketControler when otherwise.

So it can happen BeginReceive is called BEFORE ChangeSecurityOptions, but data is received AFTER ChangeSecurityOptions was called. Thus the controler's m_ActiveReceive is null, and you get a NullReferenceException when you call EndReceive from your callback (SocketControler.EndReceive, line 235).

Conclusion: With the current design, you must make sure no pending async operation is in the pipe when you call ChangeSecurityOptions.

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2004/03/06

That's correct, the documentation says "Programs should only call this method if there is no active Connect, Accept, Send or Receive!" [this also includes their asynchronous counterparts].


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