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Does .NET support RSA/ECB/OAEP  
by Sarah Boaz [sarahb at loansoft dot com]
posted on 2004/08/26

Do you know if the Mentalist library or .NET supports RSA using an ECB cipher? I read that CBC mode is the default, but I don't see anything available to change the cipher mode when encrypting with an RSA algorithm.

- Sarah

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2004/08/26

CBC abd ECB are two block cipher modes; RSA is not a block cipher and hence doesn't support these modes. .NET supports ECB and CBC mode for all the block ciphers (ie. RijndaelManaged, TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider, ...). .NET also supports OAEP padding for RSA on Windows XP and higher.


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