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Can the Certificate's private key be used to encrypt with RSA?  
by Sarah Boaz [sarahb at loansoft dot com]
posted on 2004/08/26

In attempting to encrypt with a private key, I created a Org.Mentalis.Security.Certificate object "cert" and used it's private key to instantiate a OAEPKeyExchangeFormatter:

Dim RSAFormatter As New RSAOAEPKeyExchangeFormatter(cert.PrivateKey)
encryptedData = RSAFormatter.CreateKeyExchange(decryptedData)

But, when I do this, I can only decrypt it with the PRIVATE key, which makes me think it's actually using the public key to encrypt. I can't access the key directly since it itself is encrypted in a PFX file so I have limited ways to test if it's really using the private key.

Does passing the private key to a RSAOAEPKeyExchangeFormatter guarantee it's using the private key?

Thanks again.

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2004/08/26

Encryption with an asymmetric algorithm such as RSA always uses the public key, not the private key.
The RSAOAEPKeyExchangeFormatter will only use the public key of the RSA key pair.


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