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by Nelson R.
posted on 2004/11/22

im trying to get some info from a website page that needs certification.

Ive the certification file (pfx format) added to IE (no password required) and when accessing the page, it shows a window for selecting the certificate and then shows the page correctly.

Im trying do this by code, using your library.

I use this code:

CertificateStore store = CertificateStore.CreateFromPfxFile("file.pfx"),"",true);

I got the error "The specified password is invalid". Why do i need the password, since the certificate was created without password, and adding it on IE, it works without any password.

Thanks for your help

by Erick [umedepi at hotmail dot com]
posted on 2004/11/29

Lemme see if I got it right:

You have a PFX file and you are trying to open the file, but you uploaded the file to the Certificate Store. Well, the Certificate Store has no relation with the files, since the permissions only apply to those certificates already in the registry.

by Nelson R.
posted on 2004/11/30

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I think im all confused about how certification works :(

The thing is that I have an pfx file. When imported with IE, i can access an website page under SSL.

I want to do this by code, so i can access the page from an aspnet page in other server.

Im doing an httprequest but it only suports certificates with .cer extension. When I export from .pfx to .cer with IE, it doesnt work.
I've searched the web and found your lib, with a method to load pfx files and convert to .cer and thought that it would solve my problem.

Can u point me to the right path? Is your lib capable of doing the thing i want or it is just impossible?

Thanks again


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