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#ZipLib ?  
by Sebastian Andersson
posted on 2005/03/31

Has anyone used the SSL sockets together with #ZipLib ? As a quick test I created a BZip2InputStream with SecureNetworkStream as an "inner stream" to it after creating a BZip2OutputStream with the same object as inner stream, but then I got a deadlock inside of the SecureSocket while the BZip2InputStream is being created (in!Org.Mentalis.Security.Ssl.Shared.SocketController.EndReceive(System.IAsyncResult ar = {Org.Mentalis.Security.Ssl.AsyncResult}) Line 243).

by Sebastian Andersson
posted on 2005/04/01

Never mind, BZip2 needs full blocks to be able to compress the data.
with the GZip streams it worked somewhat batter, but after a while it got stuck too.


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