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SSL Session Caching  
by Rob [rob_mcintyre at efunds dot com]
posted on 2005/04/04

Are there any plans to support SSL Session Caching in a future version of the library?

After noticing significant performance problems compared to a Java SSL client, I started digging around and noticed that the Server and Client HandshakeLayer classes explicitly prohibit session caching.

For various reasons, I need to provide both .NET and Java implementations to customers. Running 10 concurrent threads, my CPU utilisation is between 60 and 100%, with a transaction time of around 3 seconds, as opposed to Java where I have CPU utilisation of between 5 and 15% with a sub-second times for each txn. Network utilisation is also significantly higher with .NET, as the full certificate chain is exchanged as part of the full handshake.

by Bonstio [spam at bonstio dot net]
posted on 2005/10/11

I second Rob's question. Any thoughts?


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