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Access Denied to Org.Mentalis.Security.dll  
by Peter
posted on 2005/04/19


I'm creating an ASP.NET web application that uses Org.Mentalis.Security.dll.

When I run my ASP.NET app under the asp_net account I have no problem.
When i set "Impersonate=true" I always get this exception: "System.IO.FileLoadException: Access is denied: 'Org.Mentalis.Security.dll'"

I gave EVERYBODY full control to this file, but no result ...

When i set impersonate back to false, everything works fine... (as you can imagine I realy need impersonation here)

Thanks for your help!


by Mark [maaron at tpayment dot com]
posted on 2005/09/30

I am getting the same problem. Did you ever solve this issue?


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