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TLS Server  
by byron guerrero [bguerrer at bancared dot com dot gt]
posted on 2003/10/03

Hello, i need to implmement a TLS authentication, I need to receive a XML message.

I use the WebServer Sample to implement the SSL server in a Windows Service programa. Now I need to authenticate and receive the message.

Best Regards.

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2003/10/03

Make sure you specify the SecurityFlags.MutualAuthentication flag when initializing the SecurityOptions instance. This tells the client to send a certificate to authenticate itself.
Also make sure you set the Verifier property of the SecurityOptions class to a valid delegate. Once the server receives the client certificate, this method will be called and the client certificate will be passed as a parameter. It's then up to your code to decide whether to trust the client or whether to close the connection.

by bguerrero [bguerrero at bancared dot com dot gt]
posted on 2003/10/04

Thanks. That was a big help. If i install a client certificate to the Internet Explorer y would work. To test it i mind. The SSL socket works fine with SSL3, i make run in the windows service as a thread. Is there any class to check who client is calling the socket to be able to select a specific certificate to check the xml signature.

Some code will help, if you dont mind of course.

Best regard.

PD: Sorry about the english, is not that good.


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