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How do I get a certificate?!? :O  
by Toby Lawrence [tobz at fallenrealms dot net]
posted on 2005/10/13

I want to use the Security library to encrypt data between my client/server application, but I haven't the slightest clue how to create a certificate, although that is pretty ambiguous.

I've seen .key files, .cer files, .pfx files, .pvk files, and .crt files. What is the easiest way to load a certificate for SecureSocket, meaning there shouldn't be any other requirements than the certificate itself, and how would I create such a certificate?

I've honestly tried Google, and I've tried many different certificate types, all to no avail.

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance.

by Dmytro [dmytro at iroot dot ca]
posted on 2005/10/19

If you have Win 2000/2003 Server, you can set up your own Certificate Server and (you also need to install ISS) then goto http://localhost/certsrv i beleive (can't remmember exactly if its "certsrv") and you will be able to create a certificate.

It wouldn't be trusted, for web, but its works for encryption. you can google it for more info.

by Dmytro
posted on 2005/10/19

Oh forgot to mention, the certificate will be installed automaticly under "MMC - Certificates", you can set an option to "extract" so you can go and save that certificte (with) its private key to .PFX file.


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