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Cannot create certificate store as user ASPNET  
by Dries
posted on 2006/04/05

My WebService tries to create a certificateStore as follows:
Ictu.Bsn.Security.CertificateStore _store = new Ictu.Bsn.Security.CertificateStore(Org.Mentalis.Security.Certificates.StoreLocation.LocalMachine, "My");

This does not work... Can anyone tell me why? I have granted my ASPNET user access to the certificate in this local-machine store with the tool winhttpcertcfg from Microsoft.

by Dries
posted on 2006/04/05

Setting impersonate to true, seems to create the store. The next problem is to find the required certificate from this store. I do this by:

X509CertificateCollection _col = _store.FindAllCertificate("C=NL, O=42435, CN=MyCertificate");

This statement does not give any certificate. Any suggestions? Thanks


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