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Seek() method  
by Angel Todorov [atodorov at acm dot org]
posted on 2003/11/12

i have recently tried to use the Seek() method from the SecureStream, but it is apparently not implemented, since it throws a NotSupportedException. Is there any possibility it will be included in future releases?

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2003/11/12

What exactly would the Seek method do on a SecureNetworkStream?
Like the System.Net.NetworkStream, you cannot use the seek method of the SecureNetworkStream due to the fact that a Socket doesn't support random access, only sequential access.

by Ishpal Singh [ishpal dot singh at aeye dot net]
posted on 2003/11/13

Trying to use the mentalis lib with Npgsql driver. And get an unhandled exception of type 'System.NotSupportedException' occurred in when trying to open the database connection.
I can see it connected to the server but it throws the exception at the point when reading data.

The following call sequence might help.

internal sealed class NpgsqlQuery{
public void WriteToStream( Stream outputStream, Encoding encoding ){


namespace Org.Mentalis.Security.Ssl {

public class SecureNetworkStream : Stream {
public override long Seek(long offset, SeekOrigin origin) {
throw new NotSupportedException();

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2003/11/13

If Npgsql uses the SecureNetworkStream.Seek method, then it's normal that a NotSupportedException occurs. Seek is not supported and will not be supported in the future. It's not a bug, but a design decision. The reason why it's not implemented is because a socket (unlike a file, for instance) does not support random access.

The outputStream.WriteByte method does not use the Seek method, so it's unlikely that the error occurred from that call.


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