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NetworkStream DataAvailable  
by Mike [mpark at springstnet dot com]
posted on 2003/11/12

I'm working with a SecureNetworkStream, but it looks like the DataAvailable property is not implemented on it.

I tried setting up an asynchronous receive with a 0 byte buffer but I get an error in the SecureSocket class for the 0 byte buffer.

In the following line:

return m_Controller.BeginReceive(buffer, offset, size, callback, state);

I get an argument out of range exception. It doesn't seem to like taking a 0 length byte buffer.

by Pieter Philippaerts [Pieter at mentalis dot org]
posted on 2003/11/12

Thanks, we'll fix that in the next release. In the mean time, you can pass in a byte buffer of one byte [but set the size parameter to 0].


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