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If you often build Console applications in .NET, you'll know that the System.Console class is pretty primitive and that it's missing several fundamental methods to control the layout of the Console window.

The Org.Mentalis.Utilities.ConsoleAttributes class defines methods that can be used to interact with the console to change its layout and behaviour; for instance, it can change the caption, window size, foreground and background color of the Console. It can also turn of character echoing (something that can be very useful if your Console application asks users for a password).

This class is written in C#; it can be compiled to .NET modules or libraries to be used in other .NET languages. Since it relies on the Windows API, it will not work under Linux or FreeBSD.

Download (29.7 Kb) (Nuremberg, Germany)


  Version History

v1.0 Initial release.2002/04/16
v1.1 Added VB.NET port and some new features.2003/12/19



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