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Security Library - Downloads

This page lists the download locations of the Security Library. The current version is v1.0.13.718.

WARNING: This library has been designed for the .NET 1.0 and 1.1 frameworks. It is not intended to be used on the .NET 2.0 framework; this framework supports most of the functionality that the Security Library offers, and everything that is still not supported has been moved to our Security Services for .NET 2.0 project.

Download Full Source Code and Documentation
This archive consists of the Security Library source code, a signed pre-compiled version of the library, the full documentation and several example projects in C# and VB.NET. (North America, Virginia) [706 Kb]

An older version of the security library can be found here.

If you like the Security Library or you intend to use it commercially, please consider donating something to us.

  Version History

v1.0b  Initial public beta release. 2003/02/20
v1.0  Release of version 1.0 FINAL. 2003/09/23
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2003/10/12
v1.0  Performance update. 2003/10/23
v1.0  New Certificate functionality and a new example 2003/10/26
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2003/11/03
v1.0  Minor updates and changes. 2003/12/03
v1.0  Minor change. 2003/12/16
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2004/03/17
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2004/05/14
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2004/07/04
v1.0  Update. 2004/08/17
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2004/08/31
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2005/01/06
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2005/01/08
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2005/05/28
v1.0  Code update. 2005/06/02
v1.0  Memory bugfix and optimizations 2005/06/04
v1.0  Added new SecureTcpClient constructor 2006/05/16
v1.0  Bugfix update. 2007/09/05



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