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Certificate Services Library

The Certificate Services library is an implementation of much of the Windows Certificate API; some of its key features are:

  • support of all methods found in the X509Certificate class and the WSE X509Certificate class.

  • loading and saving DER encoded certificates (optionally Base64 encoded), PKCS#7 signed messages, serialized certificate stores, PEM files and Private Information Exchange (PFX or PKCS#12) files.

  • loading Private Key (PVK) files

  • building a certificate chain from a given certificate and verifying that chain

  • loading certificates from certificate stores.

  • encrypting and decrypting data with the public and private key of a certificate

  • converting back and forth between the Certificate class and the Microsoft X509Certificate class.

The Certificate Services library is now a part of the Security Library. You can download the Security Library over here.
For more information about the Certificate Services library, check out the Security Library documentation.



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