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Crypto Library

The Crypto Library is an implementation of several popular cryptographic algorithms.

The RijndaelCryptoServiceProvider class is an implementation of the unmanaged AES CSP that ships with Windows Server 2003 and later. This class performs the same cryptographic transformation as the RijndaelManaged class that ships with the .NET runtime, however it runs up to 7x faster on our test machines.

The ARCFourManaged class implements a stream cipher that is compatible with the RC4TM cipher. It supports keys of up to 2048 bits. The RC4CryptoServiceProvider class implements the same algorithm but wraps around the CryptoAPI instead of implementing the algorithm in managed code.

The MD2CryptoServiceProvider and RIPEMD160Managed classes implement two well known hashing functions. The HMAC class implements the HMAC keyed hash algrithm.

The DataProtectionCryptoServiceProvider class is a class that can perform encryption and decryption without explicitly requiring a key. Instead, it uses the user's logon credentials.

The Crypto Service Provider library is a part of the Security Library. You can download the Security Library over here.
For more information about the Crypto Service Provider library, check out the Security Library documentation.



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