SecurityServices for .NET 2.0 Documentation

SmartcardState Enumeration

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Current state of the smart card in the reader.



Member Name Description
AbsentThere is no card in the reader.
PresentThere is a card in the reader, but it has not been moved into position for use.
SwallowedThere is a card in the reader in position for use. The card is not powered.
PoweredPower is being provided to the card, but the reader driver is unaware of the mode of the card.
NegotiableThe card has been reset and is awaiting PTS negotiation.
SpecificThe card has been reset and specific communication protocols have been established.


Namespace: Org.Mentalis.SecurityServices.Smartcard

Assembly: Org.Mentalis.SecurityServices (in Org.Mentalis.SecurityServices.dll)

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