SecurityServices for .NET 2.0 Documentation

Org.Mentalis.SecurityServices.Smartcard Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

The Org.Mentalis.SecurityServices.Smartcard namespace contains classes to communicate with a smartcard in a smartcard reader.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
ApduCommand Represents an Application Protocol Data Unit (or APDU).
ApduReply Represents the reply of a smartcard to an APDU.
Atr Represents an Answer To Reset (or ATR). An ATR could be thought of as an identification string that a smartcard sends to the reader upon insertion.
SmartcardException The exception that is thrown when a smartcard error occurs.
SmartcardReader Represents a smartcard reader.
VendorAttributes Contains a number of attributes of the vendor of the smartcard reader.


Enumeration Description
DatabaseScope Scope of the resource manager context.
SmartcardDisposition Action to take on the card in the connected reader on close.
SmartcardProtocols The acceptable protocols for the smartcard connection.
SmartcardShare Flag that indicates whether other applications may form connections to the card.
SmartcardState Current state of the smart card in the reader.